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Shedding Happens

Let’s talk shedding.

Did you know that a healthy adult loses 50-150 hairs per day? As mammals, shedding is a natural process and part of life. #SheddingHappens.

Hair loss can increase from the hair growth cycle, drugs/medications, dietary factors, radiation, excess or too little vitamins, fever, stress, hormonal factors and changes and seasonal changes.

If you notice you are continuously shedding more than usual, consider a visit to your health care provider. It may be a symptom of underlying health issues.

When you get our Magical Fairy Hair, you want it to last as long as possible, and we want that for you too! Our reputation was built not only on the quality product and experience, but on the amazing long-lasting effects this Magic has on your life.

Practical tips to help your Fairy Hair lasts longer:

· Healthy hair starts with a healthy body. Be sure to nourish your body.

· Brush the sides of your head and hair, then hold your hair in a pony tail while brushing the back side to provide stability and protection.

· Avoid round styling brushes and combs.

· Be mindful when using seat-belts, or carrying bags or purses, especially if you have long hair, as it can yank on your hairs. This is especially important for those with long hair.

· Avoid goggles or use a swim cap if you are a swimmer.

· Consider using soft scrunchies instead of elastic bands for ponytails.

**Remember that anything that is hard or harsh to your human hair will affect your Fairy Hair. This includes hair coloring, perming, or heating.

If you have any tips to add, please let us know.

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