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Want to book an individual Sparkle session for Fairy Hair? Please view the public event calendar below.

New events are being added frequently, so check back often, or you can subscribe to receive a notification

when we are in your area.


***Please make sure you have read through the FAQs  and Policies before booking your first appointment with us or if it has been a long time since you last got Sparkled. This is especially important if you are bringing a child for an appointment. Thank you!***

If you have questions or challenges with scheduling your Sparkles session, please email Thank you!

If you don't feel well, please cancel your appointment. Thank you!


Select one of the locations below and reserve your Magical Sparkle Session!​



  1. Select the location/event/date you want to go to get your Sparkle On

  2. Select the number of strands you wish to receive/fairy available, then click BOOK NOW

  3. The next available date at that location is in the black box,

  4. Select the time of your choice and either sign up or log in

  5. Review your information on the right column and if all is correct, click SUBMIT.  If you wish to alter something, click Back

  6. To schedule more than one appointment, simply click "Add another service" below your appointment time .

  7. Need to cancel, reschedule or book a new appointment?  Simply go to your email confirmation.

  8. A credit card is required to HOLD your appointment. You will NOT be charged until the time of your appointment and you can then choose how you want to pay. At your appointment, clients have the option to pay with cash, or with additional fees can pay with credit card, Venmo, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

***Please note that if you are in a different time zone, or your computer or mobile device is set in a different time zone, it will may not sign you up for the time you wish to come for your appointment. PLEASE check your email confirmation, that says your appointment time and the time zone.

For example-most events we do are in Eastern Time, however when we travel to Birmingham, Alabama that is Central time. We observe Central time when we are there and all appointments made will be for that time zone. Thank you for your understanding.

How to book an appointment VIDEO Tutorial

Please be sure to subscribe in order to receive an email notification when we will be Sparkling in your area, as well as the in-store discounts you receive as our client. Thank you!

Want to know what locations we Sparkle? Visit the BLOG or
Follow us on Instagram. Thanks!





Upcoming Events for July 2024:


Upcoming Events for August 2024:


Do you have a retail venue and would like to host us? Please email us at

Do you want to book us for a private party (those events are not posted on the calendar above), please email us at


Do you want to hire us for a corporate event, please email us at

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