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Fairy Kim's Wake Up Essentials

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Everything you need to help get the day started right!

These are just a few suggestions. What is part of your morning routine?

Get yours here:

Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker is a personally tried and true coffee maker, and I have used mine for many years. Even though it is made of glass, and has a stainless steel spiral plate and filter plate, it is durable and travels with me easily, extracting the most flavorful brewed coffee.

Get yours here:

Café Vianté Ground Coffee helps you travel around the world with your coffee experience. They bring together Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sumatra, Colombia and India and mix them together to achieve a spectacular, flavorful, gourmet, and unique combination of coffee. Delicioso!

Get yours here:

Dandy Blend is a great plant-based alternative to coffee. If you don't like coffee, can't have caffeine, or prefer something more nourishing for your body, this is it. This is great for an afternoon pick-me-up instead of coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Made with barley, rye, chicory roots, beet roots, and dandelion roots. Enjoy yours in an instant.

If you use my link, I may earn a small commission, but there is no extra cost to you. Thanks.

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