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  • Kimberly Rush

5 Healing Practices & Recommendations

These are some healing tools and biohacks that have been helpful in my healing, and can help you stay well or recover from illness.

LightPath LED, You will receive 5% off with code FAIRYKIM

I like the pulsed light for a few reasons. I love that I can change the setting to target a specific area that I want to address, for example if I'm having pain, I can use 4698Hz to help block the pain fibers. However, you do not need to know this, you can just plug it in and go, but as you learn more and become more experienced, you can try out other settings, so there is room to grow with the pulsed models. I also love that the pulsed light offers cognitive benefits, which has been so helpful in my healing from mold toxicity.

Ampcoil PEMF and more, You will receive $99 off with code FAIRYKIM

I like the Ampcoil for balancing the body, calming the nervous system, improving sleep and melting away anxiety, and for general wellness. It's like playing a song for the body to come back into harmony and we can all use that when we get out of alignment.

Wellness Plus Membership , You will received a FREE course with membership as my friend

I can't say enough great things about Dr. Jess and her Wellness Plus platform. She is the real deal, ya'll. She openly shares valuable information about how to "Be Your Own Best Doctor" on her social media platforms and in the Wellness Plus Community. Inside Wellness Plus, you can watch course to learn about things like Mold and Mycotoxins, Lyme, Candida, Heavy Metals, Breast Plant Illness, Leaky Gut, Parasites, and so much more. You can also ask questions in the community forum, and receive answers of support from one of the doctors and community members, you can receive discounts to healing and wellness tools and resources, read articles and literature to educate yourself on health conditions or share that with your providers. She also does live consults where you can get personalized help on your healing path. Join today; you won't regret it!

Therasage Sauna , you will receive 10% off with code FAIRYKIM

I like this company and there products, because they really do their research and ethically make affordable products for us to use in health and wellness. Their full spectrum infrared sauna is portable, easy to clean, uses gemstones to generate negative ions, and is without EMFs and toxic materials. There are so many great healing benefits of using saunas and red light therapy including detoxification (get rid of those unwanted toxins so you can stay vibrantly health and well), decreased Inflammation, increased circulation, pain relief, burn more calories, sleep Better (I sleep SOO Good after a sauna session), immune Enhancement & Promote overall health and wellness, mitochondria Support and Enhanced Energy, Anti-Aging Benefits; Collagen Production, and Cellulite Reduction. Is there anything it can't do?

This is a FREE app that I use on my Iphone, although you can listen directly from their website. It offers sleep, anxiety and stress support. I use guided meditations, bedtime stories, peaceful music, sound baths, and more. If you join, be sure to let me know and I can share with you some of my favorite playlists.

Which healing tool are you going to try today?

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