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Booking Policy

  • Due to COVID-19 changes have been made and we now require payment in advance. Payment is in the form of credit through the online payment option (PayPal or debit or credit). We will happily and gratefully still accept CA$H as tips. Paying online when you reserve your appointment will also help the fairy have time for the necessary cleaning in between clients. Your booking fee includes convenience fees.

  • By booking an appointment with the Fairy, you agree to pay for your missed appointment(s) if you do not cancel my appointment(s) on the event calendar sign up more than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time and you confirm that you have read through the entire FAQs page.

  • If less than 24 hours notice is given, you will be expected to pay for your missed appointment.

  • If you are booking an appointment for someone else under your name, you will be responsible for the missed appointments and associated cancellation fees.

  • Clients who no-show two or more times will have to pre-pay for any future appointments.

  • If you are 5 minutes late (or more) we will put you into the next available open slot.

Thank you for your understanding!

  • If you need to edit or cancel your appointment, please go the confirmation email you received with your appointment date/time and click on "manage booking" or "make changes" or you can go to your client portal and view your bookings and edit there. Only cancellations made through our booking system are recognized. Calling the event venue or using the event venue email as cancellation does not count. If you do not immediately receive an email confirmation of your cancelled or edited appointment, please assume that it did not go through and therefore was not cancelled or edited. If you require assistance, please email for help.

  • We do require a 10 strand minimum for booking a Sparkle Session. If you have a young child, please make sure you read through the child disclaimer on the FAQS page first.

  • After you have read through the child disclaimer, then you can book one 10 strands appointment slot for 2 children (5 strands for first time applications or children under 8 years old).


  • Or book one 10 strands appointment session for one adult getting 10 strands and one young child accompanying the adult to receive 5 strands (for first time applications or children under 8 years old).

  • CA$H is preferred but cards can be taken with a small convenience fee.

  • Please arrive early and have your colors chosen before your appointment.

  • Please arrive with hair that it brushed, (clean if possible), DRY, and WITHOUT hairspray or product is the best for us to work with. Unfortunately, Fairy Hair cannot be applied to wet hair.


Photo & Video Policies

  • It is important to please note that while we are working our Official Fairy Magic, we do not allow for any photography or videos, however would be happy to engage in a posed photo at the end of the sparkling session.

  • Any photos or videos taken must be first granted permission from the Fairy.

Thank you!

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