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Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about our Magical Fairy Hair?

Your questions can be answered below!

Have a question not answered here? Please email us at

*** Please note that the information provided here applies only to our fairy hair styling business and has nothing to do with the online fairy hair styling courses.


  • What is Fairy Hair?

    • Fairy Hair is beautiful shiny or sparkly colored temporary hair which comes from the Fairies. It is not tinsel and will not harm your hair. It is similar to extensions.

  • I color/highlight/blow dry/curl/straighten my hair. Is it okay to do this with Fairy Hair?

    • Yes! You can wash it, comb it, brush it, blow dry it, curl it, flat iron it (up to 450 degrees!), color it, bleach it, perm it, whatever you do to your normal hair. But most of all, ENJOY IT!

  • How long does Fairy Hair last?

    • Each strand is attached to a single strand of your own hair, so each one lasts as long as that one piece of hair stays on your head. It could be a day, a week, a month, several months, or even up to a year! Most adults retain their Fairy Hair for a few months. Fairy Hair typically does not last as long in young children (8 and under) because of their shedding patterns. Please be aware of this when making your purchase. We find plenty of exceptions to this rule, and no matter what, getting fairy hair is a magical experience for all ages!

    • Clients have told us that a few can fall out right away -in a day or 2-so we ALWAYS give a few extras for free because we know this can happen. The first few that fly away are on us!

  • How do you put in Fairy Hair? How is it attached? Or how does it work?

    • We join them to a single strand of your own hair using a special Fairy Hair Magical attachment technique that only a Fairy is magical enough to apply our fabulous sparkles to your hair and each strand is infused with a lot of love and Fairy Magic! There is no heat, no glue, beads, and no damage to your hair.

  • How long does it take to apply the Fairy Hair?

    • It takes minutes for us to work our magic, but can vary based on the number of strands you purchase. Your Official Fairy can give you that information when you are ready to schedule your appointment, or it can be found on the event sign up.

  • Does it hurt to have Fairy Hair attached?

    • No. They are feather light and only takes minutes for us to work our Fairy Magic.

  • What colors do you have? What color would look good in my hair?

    • We have all the colors of the rainbow (AND Rainbow)! We love to help you find EXACTLY the perfect color to reflect your *SHINE*!  We currently have 43 color choices and new Fairies are found often that love to share their hair with you. We offer one color per 10 strands for the best esthetics. If you want more than one color, please plan to purchase and schedule time for 15 or more strands. If you want 3 colors, plan to get 30 or more strands and so on. We are here to help you look your best! If you are not sure on which color will look best on you, your Fairy can help.

  • How does it come out of my hair?

    • When you shed your human hair, your Fairy Hair will come out with it.

  • Can my child or children get Fairy Hair?

    •  Yes, however Fairy Hair typically does not last as long in young children (8 and under) because of their frequent shedding patterns. Please be aware of this when making your purchase. We find plenty of exceptions to this rule, and no matter what, getting Fairy Hair is a magical experience for all ages! While we don't have a specific age for a child to receive Fairy Hair, there are three requirements that must be met in order to receive Fairy Hair:

    1. The child must be able to speak in full sentences in order to give verbal consent to receive fairy hair.

    2. The child must be able to sit in the chair by themself.

    3. The child needs to be able to sit still while receiving Fairy Hair.

  • How do I prepare for my appointment?

    • Come with hair that is brushed of loose or weak strands and tangles, clean if possible, DRY, and WITHOUT hairspray or product is best for your Fairy to work their magic.


    • At your Sparkling session: An Official Fairy will attach strands of Fairy Hair to each guest and offer our Fairy Hair Blessing.

  • I’m about to get my hair done. Should I wait?

    • No need. You can do everything you normally do with your hair. You can get a hair cut with it, or color your hair, etc.

  • Will Fairy Hair work in curly hair?

    • We got you. Fairy Hair can be applied to curly hair. Our Fairy Hair is designed to mimic your human hair and will take the shape of your hair. We recommend that you take an extra few minutes to twist the strands into your curly locks to help it take shape. Please visit our photo gallery for photos as evidence.

  • What about locks or braids?

    • Fairy Hair can be applied to locks and braids.

  • I have hair extensions, will this work in my hair?

    • Yes, Fairy Hair can be applied to hair extensions and looks lovely.

  • Can I get Fairy Hair if I have short hair?

    • Yes. Our Fairy Hair works in short hair, too. Your hair just needs to be 2-3 inches in length for your Fairy to work their Magic.

  • What about guys? Can they get Fairy Hair, too?

    • Fairy Hair is not just for ladies. Guys deserve to sparkle too. We offer Stud Sparkles including beards and mustaches. Your hair needs to be 2-3 inches in length.

  • Can I put Fairy Hair in at home?

    • Only our Official Fairies can apply our Magical Fairy Hair. We have a proprietary product that we don't resell. Please stay tuned to our website to find a Official Fairy near you.

  • How can I help my Fairy Hair last as long as possible?
    • While these gorgeous strands are long lasting, they are temporary. To help them last as long as possible, consider brushing your hair gently, from the underside and holding your hair for stability. Most strands that shed are found in the shower or in brushes, which is normal and expected shedding. The Magical Sparkles are low maintenance yet high positive visual impact!

  • What kind of parties or events do you do?

    • We are available for any and all kinds of parties, events, and celebrations. Not limited to: birthday parties, sip & sparkle parties, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, corporate events & staff appreciation, private appointments, conferences, in-store event, women's parties, holiday parties, athletic events, bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, bachelorette parties, etc. Fairy Hair is fun anywhere!

  • How much is a private party or event?

    • We offer several types of parties and party pricing is based on location. When you reach out to us, please send us your complete event location address with zip code, so we can provide you the cost based on the location.

  • Do you have a Merch Shop?

  • Will the Fairy Hair affect my MRI?

    • We have heard feedback from our clients who have kept their Fairy Hair in for an MRI and it has not affected the results. However, we recommend that you remove them if you are having a scan of your head. While there is no metal in our product, it is reflective and we encourage you to eliminate any possibility of interfering with your data. We understand it is an expensive test and we would recommend waiting to have the strands placed until after the procedure. Your health and safety is our top priority.

  • Why should I get Fairy Hair?

    • We believe in bringing our Magic to everyone. We love to help you find the perfect color so your outer sparkle matches your inner sparkle! Our Fairy Hair will change your life for the better. It will bring a smile to your face every time you look in the mirror and you will receive the biggest compliments from friends, family and people you've never met. Fairy Hair is the simply the best. Try it for yourself today and see what the Magic is all about!

  • Where can I get Fairy Hair?

    • We love to fly in wherever the Magic is needed!. We work our Magic in boutiques, private parties, at markets and festivals, corporate events, conferences, and trade shows. It's our mission to spread joy and make the world a more sparkly place.

  • How do I Find the Public Event Calendar or Find an Official Fairy?

    • Our Fairies can be found here: Calendar

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