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Corporate Events



Want to gift your staff or patrons with complimentary strands of Magical Fairy Hair? Hiring Fairy Kim Sparkles for your event is a unique experience for attendees. Because we use a non-toxic, safe, high-quality product that can't be found anywhere else, our clientele receives the BEST! Types of corporate events we have partnered with include children’s museum, hospitals, law firms, real estate office, company and corporate picnics, festivals, and school carnivals.

With Corporate events, the Fairy is hired by the hour to give complimentary strands of Fairy Kim Sparkles Magical Fairy Hair to willing participants.



  • Happy patrons

  • Social media marketing and advertising

  • Employee discounts and perks

  • Professional Connections

  • Community Involvement


Please email us at for corporate event pricing.

Thank you for choosing the best for your event!


  • Professional, Compassionate, Experienced, Insured Fairies

  • Quality Product

  • Magical Experience for guests

  • Widely known, Large clientele

  • Most professional Display/production

  • Extensive advertising/marketing


Simply put, our loyal clients have been our customers for many years and they continue with us because of the outstanding service they receive. We know our product and how to help the client look and feels their best, and we are very knowledgeable about marketing and therefore we know how much value we bring for you as a Partner. Our following and social media presence speaks for itself.

If you have questions or would like to hire us, please email Thank you!

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